Xiangtan square edge polyurethane machinery co., LTD,Was established1996Years,Is the national high and new technology enterprise.More than a decade,The company insists on technology innovation、Eclecticism,Adhere to provide users with first-class products and quality services,Is committed to research and development of polyurethane foam molding equipment and the pretreatment of the raw material,Research and development with fruitful results,Has the research and development5A series of projects,To complete14Transformation of scientific and technological achievements.Among them2And the invention patent12National utility model patent.Successively developed the intelligent efficient low carbon environmental protection heat preservation plate molding equipment,Including various types of polyurethane board laminating machine、Pu heat preservation wall panel production line、High temperature adhesive molding sandwich board automatic production line、Low energy consumption of polyurethane raw material storage device and polyurethane raw material pretreatment equipment,New crawler transfer of refrigerator door foam production line,Linear refrigerator door/Housing foam production line、Rushing to flip device、Automatic rubber mixing machine、Automatic glue machine、Dedicated to chemical raw materials such as polyurethane conveyor of the internal gear pump series、Two static premixed equipment components and three components,Cyclopentane full transformation equipment, etc.
    Our company developed polyurethane board laminating machine technology in the domestic industry leading level,Has reached the international level of Europe and the United States developed countries,Market competitiveness.And exported to Russia、Tajikistan、Chile、The united Arab emirates、Syria、India、Vietnam、Malaysia、Indonesia、The Philippines、Thailand、Countries such as Bangladesh,Highly praised by the masses of customers at home and abroad.My company's cyclopentane passed the international storage and transportation equipmentTUVSafety certification.Company in line with to the sales leader、Design as the main line、Manufacturing quality as the key point、The principle of after-sales service for the purpose,To provide users with high-quality equipment.
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Laminating machine

Used for cold storage board、Refrigerated car plate、The cold box compartments board、Air conditioning insulation board production

Automatic rubber mixing spray glue machine

Used for insulation sandwich board、Military and civil activity square sandwich wall plate production

The door box raw material processing

Refrigerator door cabinet production line、The refrigerator raw material pretreatment、Cyclopentane store premixed
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